It’s a Cowl, It’s a Hat, It’s The Woven Tubie – Easy Convertible Free Crochet Pattern

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Introducing “The Woven Tubie”

Learn the Woven Stitch (AKA Granite Stitch AKA Moss Stitch) IN THE ROUND!

Learn to make a woven, almost knit-like, crochet tube. This concept can be used for making all sorts of things from arm warmers to leg warmers, mug cozies to eyeglass holders. Just start with the amount of stitches that gives you the size opening you want for your tube.

In these instructions you’ll make a cowl that can also be a hat or a headband, all of which can be worn in many different ways. (See POM POM Scrunchie pattern for making the hat) In this pattern you will learn the Woven Stitch, also known as the Moss Stitch or the Granite Stitch. You will learn how to incorporate color changes and crocheting in the round.

But don’t worry! It’s EASY!!

This pattern calls for using 2 colors of at least one color changing yarn, however you can make this in 1 yarn either solid color or color changing. This is a quick beginner project that makes a great gift. Keep one of these in your car for anytime you’ve forgotten a hat or scarf, in fact you can wear it as both all at once. Please refer to the video tutorial for demonstrations of the color changes and overall step by step instructions:

Let me know your thoughts and share your pics online! #WovenTubie


You will need: approximately 400 yards (or more) total of worsted weight (#4) or DK weight (#3) yarn divided between 2 different colors. 200 yards of each: Main Color (MC) and Contrasting Color (CC).

You can use #2 or even lighter weight yarn if you choose. Adjust crochet hook size as needed.

You can use 1 color in either solid or color changing yarn. Use any hook size you like.

Yarns I used: Premier DK Colors in “Iris” (#3 weight) and Lion Brand Roll with It Melange in “Greenroom” (#4 weight).



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Video Tutorial

Watch how to make this Woven Tubie on YouTube. VIDEO LINK

POM POM Scrunchie Tutorial for Easy Hat Conversion

Pom Pom Scrunchie Pattern Link

Pattern Instructions

Difficulty Level

Easy. Perfect for beginners or above. Use the Video Tutorial for reference on demonstrations.

Stitches & Abbreviations

Ch= chain

Ch1 Sp = chain 1 space

SC = single crochet

Sl St = slip stitch

St(s) = stitch(es)

Sk St = Skip Stitch

MC = Main Color

CC = Contrasting Color
See video tutorial for demonstration of all stitches.



  1. You
    can work in 1 or 2 colors.
  2. Pattern
    Chart at end of this pattern.
  3. If
    you want this to be able to be a hat as well choose a length that goes around
    your head, not too snug and not too loose. Better a little loose than snug.
  4. I
    Highly recommend making a small swatch like in the video, so you can know what
    is the right number of stitches to make. After you make your swatch, go to this part of the
    video for how to do the simple math to calculate your best number of stitches
  5. For
    assistance with color changes, please refer to the video tutorial.
  6. You
    may combine BEGIN Round and Round 1 (as is shown in the video) by using Foundation
    Single Crochet if you prefer.


BEGIN Round: [Main Color MC] Chain an even amount that gives you the diameter you want for your tube. For mine I did 82 chains. Check your measurement to make sure it’s the right size for your head as your gauge may be different from mine.

 Join to first chain with a slip stitch to form a small circle.

Round 1:  [MC] Ch1, SC in same joined stitch. SC in each chain around. Join with Sl St to first SC.  <<Stitch count: 82 SC>>

Round 2: [Contrasting COLOR CC] Ch1, SC in joined st, Sk St, Ch1. *(SC in next st, Sk St, Ch1)* Repeat * to * to the end. Join with Sl St to first SC.    <<Stitch count: 41 SC, 41 Ch1>>

Round 3: [Main Color MC] Ch2, SC in next Ch1 sp, *(Ch1, SC in next ch1 sp)* Repeat * to * to the end. Join with Sl St to Ch2 space.         <<Stitch count: 41 SC, 41 Ch1>>

Round 4: [Contrasting COLOR CC] Ch1, SC in joined st, Ch1. *(SC in next ch1 sp, Ch1)* Repeat * to * to the end. Join with Sl St to first SC.    <<Stitch count: 41 SC, 41 Ch1>>

NOTE Round 4 is the same as Round 2.

REPEAT Rounds 3 and 4 until you have your desired height, approximately 17” tall. You can end on either round.

ENDING Round: [Either Color] Ch1, SC in joined st. SC in every St around. Join with Sl St to first SC.                <<Stitch count: 82 SC>>

Easy Peasy! You’re done!

Finishing: Sew in ends.  Enjoy your Woven Tubie!

If you like working from charts, consider the PDF version which has a helpful chart.

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