Knitting Tutorial: Free Knit Pattern: “Sweet November Knit Shawl”

sweet november knit shawl

UPDATE: Check out the Tunisian crochet version of this pattern here plus a video tutorial.


In today’s post I have a video tutorial on how to make this gorgeous knit shawl. It is seriously my favorite item. It’s June and I keep wearing it even though the temperature keeps rising! I think the pattern is that pretty and mesmerizing.

I saw an image of this shawl on Etsy by the talented Alma Pacheco and searched and searched for the pattern to no avail. I was obsessed and tried to figure out how to knit this. I’m more of a crocheter so it was a crash course in knitting for me to try to figure it out.

I got close but was starting from the bottom, when the pattern actually starts from the top and works down. The tricky aspect to figuring out this pattern is that the stitch pattern grows diagonally which is great for a triangle shawl like this one.

When I had almost figured it out I searched one last time and found THE free pattern for this shawl on Ravelry. (click for the link) This free pattern is by Caryl Pierre.

These are the items featured in the video:

I liked using this yarn because it has a bit of a stiffness to it like wool although it is not scratchy. Of course it is very inexpensive. This color is not available any more, so see the link for the colorway “charcoal” which is very close in color. Most people wouldn’t notice the difference. The newer version is 236 yards/skein compared to 202 yards for the one in “Putty.” I needed a little more than 2 skeins, so 2 of the new color should be enough.

You can use any yarn though. You simply knit this pattern until it is the size you desire. Here is the second yarn you will see in the video below. This one I am knitting on size 7.oo mm knitting needles.  This 100% cotton yarn is very nice to knit with.

Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Stripes in “Tie Dye Stripes” (I’m guessing 4-5 skeins as they are 120 yards each)

I’ve also knit this shawl in this new yarn called “Paint Brush” by Stitch Studio yarns. Pictures below. Each one has a different feel depending on the yarn. The one in Paint Brush is very loose and delicate. I used 12.75mm knit needles for this one. I’m in love with this one too. Great for summer.

Stitch Studio by Nicole “Paint Brush” yarn in colorway “Artist’s Garden”

Stitch Markers

Size 13 (9.00mm) circular knitting needles

Measuring Tape

I used the larger needles because I like loose stitches.

Video Tutorial: How to Knit the “Sweet November Knit Shawl”

Photo Gallery of my 3 versions of Sweet November Knit Shawl.

(The cotton one is not complete yet)

The Paint Brush Version is 62″ wide and 20″ high. Very delicate and light.

The Gray one is 73″ wide and 25″ high. Very stretchy.

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