Mystical Aura Knit Shawl Pattern

Introducing the  “Mystical Aura Knit Shawl.”  This is a beautiful lace shawl pattern that I created.

The pattern has an easy repeating pattern that is suitable for advanced beginners.

Unlike many patterns this written pattern will provide you with a tracking sheet that helps you to always stay on track easily. This is a big deal! So many knitting patterns are so hard to follow. This one is very easy to follow and stay on track!

I also have a video tutorial that will be free for a period of time if you want to check out the shawl and how to make it before purchasing the pattern.

I have priced it very reasonably. As you might imagine, a lot of work went into creating this shawl pattern and video. I can’t express enough how much I appreciate everyone of you who purchases or makes and shares their shawl online with the #MysticalAuraShawl . Thank you!

The 2-part video tutorial shows you how to knit the “Mystical Aura Knit Shawl” pattern from beginning to end. 

I instruct you on how to use the pattern counter sheet.

I also show you some important aspects of this pattern that will help you avoid errors that can happen easily. If you know what to look for you should be able to avoid them.

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See the images below to see how the shawl looks like being worn.

Materials Used to Make the Mystical Aura Knit Shawl


YouTube Video Tutorials: Mystical Aura Knit Shawl

Part 1:

Part 2:

I hope you will enjoy this shawl. It is one of my most popular shawls when selling at craft fairs.

Images of Mystical Aura Knit Shawl

Mystical Aura Knit Shawl Pattern

If you would like me to knit this for you, you can click here to purchase this finished garment, go to my Etsy Shop.

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