Moonlight Shimmer Shawl Crochet Pattern

Moonlight Shimmer Shawl crochet pattern

Introducing the “Moonlight Shimmer Shawl” crochet pattern. It is an easy pattern to learn even though it looks complex.

This is an advanced beginner pattern. It uses basic crochet stitches: slip stitches, chains, double crochets, and single crochets.

There are 3 setup rows and then you repeat Row 4 and 5 until you have your desired length.

Why this pattern is great:

You can work it in any yarn, hook, size and gauge you choose!

Try making it in different yarns for different looks.

The yarn used here (Shawl in a Ball –“Prism” **) has a metallic shimmer to it that inspired the moonlight name. The colors are reminiscent of the iridescent colors inside of seashells.

I worked this to a size of 55” across the wingspan and 22” from top to bottom corner. I had enough yarn left over that this could have been made larger – say 65” across easily.


Please use the hashtag: #MoonlightShimmerShawl so we can all see each other’s creations!

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The Pattern

This pattern features 3 ways to read/learn this pattern.

  1. Chart
  2. Written instructions. Line by line.
  3. Spreadsheet style. I invented this style to keep my eyes from going buggy reading traditional patterns. This style has the instructions for each row in a spreadsheet. Each step has it’s own separate block, making it so much easier for your eyes to follow along.

There is also a video tutorial available for everyone to follow along for free

You will likely want to have the written pattern as a guide and since the pattern is so reasonably priced, hopefully this will be your choice! 🙂

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The free version of the Written pattern (no charts) is below.

Materials Used to Make the Moonlight Shimmer Shawl

Yarn: Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball in “Prism” **

Or any yarn and hook of your choice.

Crochet Hook: Size J 6.00mm **

Tapestry Needle **

Measuring Tape **

Scissors **

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Moonlight Shimmer Shawl Video Tutorial

Click here for video instruction tutorial.

Free Pattern. (no charts)

Size and Gauge

Final measurements: One size fits all.

  • Width: 55 inch across wingspan – or your desired width
  • Height: 22 inches.

Gauge : No gauge is necessary for this project.

Difficulty Level

Advanced Beginner Projects for first-time crocheters using basic stitches.

Stiches Used and Abbreviations

Ch= chain

Sl st = slip stich

Sc = single crochet

Dc = double crochet

St(s) = stitch(es)

Ch5 sp = chain 5 space

Stitch Guide

If you need help with any of these basic crochet terms, simply search them on YouTube.com for instructions.

Special Notes

(All even rows) When making a sc into 3rd dc of a 5-dc cluster, be sure to carefully count the dc stitches and not confuse them with the chain that lies next to the first dc.

(Row 3, 5, and all odd rows) If your top edge is too tight, when you do your last 5-dc cluster, you can do that into the 4th ch instead of the 3rd ch of the ch8.

Count Twice, Frog Less. Always be sure to count as you’re going even for experienced crocheters so you won’t have to frog. This pattern is easy to memorize so you may be tempted to not check your work. I recommend counting your clusters every time, especially the 10-dc cluster in the center column.


Begin:  Ch 6

Join with sl st to form loop.

Row 1  ch 3, 9 dc into ch6 loop.  Turn work.

Row 2  ch 8, sc into 3rd dc, ch5, dc into 5th dc st of row 1, dc into 6th dc of row 1, ch5, sc into 8th dc of row 1, ch5, dc into top of ch3 st. Turn work.

Row 3  ch3, 4dc into same st, sc into ch5 sp, ch5, sc into ch5 space, 5dc into each of next 2dc sts (10dc total), sc into ch5 sp, ch5, sc into ch5 sp, 5 dc in top of ch3. Turn work.

Row 4 ch8, sc into 3rd dc, *ch5, sc into ch5 sp, ch5, sc into 3rd dc*, repeat * to * until center 10-dc cluster, ch5, 1 dc into each center dc #5 and #6 (2 dc total), *ch5, sc into 3rd dc, ch5, sc into ch5 sp*, repeat *to* until last 5-dc cluster, ch5, sc into 3rd dc, ch5, dc in top of ch3. Turn work.

Row 5 ch3, 4 dc into same st, sc into ch5 sp, ch5, sc into ch5 sp, *5dc into next sc, sc into ch5 sp, ch5, sc into ch5 sp*, repeat *to* until center column (2 dc), 5 dc into 1st dc, 5 dc into 2nd dc, sc into ch5 sp, *ch5, sc into ch5 sp, 5 dc into next sc, ch5, sc into ch5 sp*, repeat *to* to last ch8, 5 dc into 3rd ch of ch8. Turn work.

Work Row 4 and 5 until you have your desired length. Bind off.


With yarn needle sew in loose ends.  Block if you like, but with the Shawl in a Ball yarn, I didn’t find it to be necessary. It already had a nice shape and drape.

Enjoy your Moonlight Shimmer Shawl!

Please Share your photos on social media with the #MoonlightShimmerShawl.  

I can’t wait to see your creations!

Video Tutorial


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Moonlight Shimmer Shawl Pictures

 Moonlight Shimmer Shawl crochet pattern

If you want want me to crochet this for you, you can purchase this shawl as a finished garment  on Etsy. Moonlight Shimmer Shawl.

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