You May Not Be Aware of This Deal – And That Would Be a Shame


Too Many Offers Out There – But This One is Worth Checking Out

We live in a world where we are constantly being bombarded with marketing. Buy this. Subscribe to this or that. So much so, that us over-marketed-to-consumers start to block things out, to the point that we can miss truly good deals.

Lucky for me, I didn’t miss this one.

I have a a very good detector for a good deal and by chance, I allowed this marketing to break through my usual defenses.

It’s the Bluprint craft class subscription

Honestly, I’m not big on subscriptions, but the deal that is being offered by Bluprint right now is really too good to pass up.


Because even if you let your subscription run out at the end of the year term, you will still have 12 classes that you get to keep FOREVER.

So during the next 12 months you can take as many of their thousands of crafting classes in any of these categories:

Baking Entertaining Paint Yoga
Cake Decorating Family Paper Crafts  
Cooking Fitness Photo  
Crochet Healthy Eating Quilt  
Dance Home Decor Sew  
Draw Jewelry Woodwork  
Embroider Knit Writing  

And you will also get to keep any 12 of those classes forever. Usually with a subscription service, at the end you are left with nothing unless you keep up the subscription. Not with this deal.

So Should You Subscribe to Bluprint?

Let’s take a look at the math.

Their normal monthly subscription is $7.99 for unlimited classes. On an annual basis that would be 12 x $7.99= $95.88.

If you sign up for their annual rate, the cost is $79.99 for the year.

But remember those 12 classes you get to keep. The average class ranges from $15 – $40, so let’s just say the average is about $25.

If you purchased 12 of their classes that would cost you roughly $300.

Just on the classes alone that you get to own, this is an amazing deal! 

If you planned to buy just 3 or 4 classes this year from Bluprint, that would cost you the same as this annual membership with these great benefits.

But That’s Not All (I know, sorry so cheesy, but TRUE!)

For annual subscribers you will also get FREE Shipping on supplies for one year!

This is actually huge. Bluprint, which used to be known as Craftsy, often has great prices on yarn and supplies. Imagine being able to have it be a no-brainer to get that yarn you want without having to overthink it because of shipping costs!

For me, that will save me many trips to the store and money.

Plus they also offer deals on kits that include professionally tested patterns.

But How Are the Classes? I Get All I Need from Youtube

Sorry, Youtube creators (including myself), you can’t really compete with a Bluprint class.

They quality of instruction is excellent with professional filming so you can actually see the fine details.

There is the ability to create bookmarks and notes for yourself at certain places in the videos, which is invaluable.

Each class is broken out into many sections so you can skip through parts you don’t want to watch or easily find what’s most important to you. 

Then there is the community of makers, where you can post questions directly to the teacher, share ideas, share your projects.

It’s really cool. I totally love it.

(I’ve even found some classes I didn’t expect to try like professional paper airplane making – (my son loved it!) cooking, and yoga too!)

So What’s In It For Me?

If you purchase, I will get a commission. However, that will not cost you penny extra.

With that said, I don’t want you to buy anything you don’t want.

So if you’re happy with Youtube videos, carry on. There are a lot of great tutorials there.

But if you would really like more in the way of instruction, especially with how to tackle a larger project, like making a sweater that will actually fit you and look good on you, or mastering a new skill, you should at least check this out

As I said before, I don’t subscribe to many things. It has to be something I really want, it has to be very valuable, and it has to be a good deal. This checks all those boxes for me and more.

I also don’t recommend many things unless they are excellent. I give this deal my highest recommendation.

Let me know what you think!

Happy Crafting!

Here are some classes available:




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