Free Tunisian Crochet Micro Project – Learn Tunisian Simple Stitch

Free Tunisian Crochet Pattern

Free Beginner Tunisian Crochet Project

Learn the Tunisian Simple Stitch with this ultra beginner project – luxury cotton makeup remover pad.

No new equipment needed!!

This little micro-project only requires

  • a REGULAR crochet hook 
  • Yarn (cotton if you have it – but any kind is fine)

Make a few of these, wrap in a bow to make a nice little gift for a friend.

Grab this free written pattern on Ravelry: Micro-Project- Makeup Pad

Here’s How to Make this Micro-Project and Learn Tunisian Crochet:

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Tunisian Crochet Hook Recommendations 

Straight Hook set

Small adjustable set

 Large adjustable set *This one I recommend the highest as it will cover all your needs!

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Grab this free pattern on Ravelry: Micro-Project- Makeup Pad

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