Pom Pom Scrunchie – 1 Pattern 3 Uses- Free Crochet Pattern

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Introducing the “Pom Pom Scrunchie”

Learn to Make a Crochet Scrunchie

Learn to make this versatile pattern with 3 awesome uses:

  • Hair
    Scrunchie – soft on your hair, fun look!
  • Hat
    Pom Pom – convert any cowl or beanie to a Pom Pom Hat – VIDEO
  • Shawl
    Pin – use to fasten your shawls VIDEO or scarves VIDEO.

Let me know your thoughts and share your pics! #PomPomScrunchie


Approximately 120 yards of Light weight (#1, #2, or #3) yarn I used:




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Video Tutorial – Pom Pom Crochet Scrunchie

Watch how to make this cowl here. VIDEO LINK HERE

The video below shows how to attach to using a messy bun hat.

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