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This week I’ve introduced weekly crochet podcasts on my YouTube channel!

What’s in the Podcasts?

In each podcast I will share pattern ideas along a theme. And at the end of each podcast I will share “What I Learned This Week.” These will often be things for living a better life. Hopefully you may find some value and inspiration from these ideas.

I may also introduce other crochet designers on the podcast too in the future. So let me know if you are a designer and are interested.

I will likely use these for demonstrating some new cool crochet tricks that I’ve learned that don’t necessarily fit in with a new pattern, but that you may find helpful.

Let Me Know What YOU Think!

I’m open to suggestions and requests for things you’d like to see covered in these podcasts.

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions!

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This Week’s Crochet Podcasts

Podcast #1 “Early Fall Pattern Ideas” + Plus The Power of Focus

Podcast #2 “Easy and Lightweight Cowl Patterns” + Mantras for better life.

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