Tunisian Knit Booties – Quick & Easy Gift Idea – Free Pattern

Get Your Squish On!

You’re going to love this pattern! These booties are comfy and squishy. Very Hygge! Fast, Simple, and perfect even for a beginner along with the video tutorial. These booties are the perfect holiday gift! Let’s do this!

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Introducing the “Tunisian Knit Booties” Pattern

Learn TKS and TRS

This is a quick and easy Tunisian crochet project that is great for adventurous beginners and above. The bootie is made with a simple rectangle and no sewing is required as we use slip stitching instead.

Learn the Tunisian Knit Stitch (TKS) and the Tunisian Reverse Stitch (TRS).

The instructions allow you to easily customize these booties to the exact size you need! Follow along with the VIDEO TUTORIAL for a guided demonstration and a perfect fit! The free pattern is available by scrolling down.

For just $2.25 the paid PDF version comes with Construction Diagrams and a separate “Photo Tutorial” file for picture tutorial.

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Download the PDF Pattern Here

The free instructions are below. 

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I used bulky weight (#6) yarn for this pattern. I used about 500-60 yards for EACH bootie, so a little more than 1 skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in “Cloudy Day.”

It calls for two different sized Tunisian hooks: 15mm and 9.0 mm. The 9mm can be a regular crochet hook.

Yarn options **



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Difficulty Level

Easy. Adventurous beginners can try this pattern while following along with the video tutorial.

Dimensions & Gauge

In the booties I made my gauge was: in a 5” x 5” square = 9 Sts and 10 Rows of TKS

You will establish your own gauge with a 6” x 6” swatch to ensure Perfect Fit.

Stiches Used and Abbreviations

Ch= Chain

YO = Yarn Over

Sl St = Slip Stitch

Sk = Skip

St(s) = Stitch(es)

NRP = Normal Reverse Pass

CRP = Connecting Return Pass

TSS = Tunisian Simple Stitch

TRS = Tunisian Reverse Stitch

TKS = Tunisian Knit Stitch

Special Stitches:  See the video tutorial for demonstration of all stitches. 

TSS: insert hook from right to left under vertical loop, YO, pull up a loop.

TKS: insert hook from front to back between the front vertical bar and the back vertical bar, YO, pull up a loop.

TRS: insert hook in back of work under the back vertical bar, YO, pull up a loop.

Normal Return Pass: YO, pull thru 1 loop, *(YO, pull thru 2 loops)* Repeat * to * to until 1 loop left on hook.

CRS “Connecting Return Pass”: *(YO, pull thru 2 loops)* Repeat until 1 loop left on hook.



  1. ALWAYS make a swatch to find your gauge and to ensure that you like the colors and texture of your chosen yarns. You can size your hook up or down to attain gauge.
  2. Please refer to the video tutorial for step by step demonstration and how to change colors.
  3. Each row in Tunisian crochet has 2 passes. Forward pass and Return pass (aka Return Pass).
  4. First loop on your hook is considered your first stitch. Always start stitch pattern in 2nd vertical bar.



(see example and diagrams in the paid pattern)

  1. Make a 6” x 6” swatch in TKS to establish your stitch gauge. Fill it in here:
    1. Measure the Stitches and Rows in 5” x 5”
    2. S = _____________Stitches   R= _______________Rows
  2. Measure your foot. (Measure tightly. No Ease – you want booties to be snug)
    1. Instep I = ________________inches (See diagram at end of pattern)
    2. Length L= ________________ inches
    3. Width Circumference around widest part of foot W= ______________inches
  3. Calculate Starting Stitches for Width: (insert W value and Stitch gauge value)
    1. W_______ inches X  ( S __________STS/ 5”) = ____________STS
  4. Calculate Rows for Length: (insert L value and Row gauge value)
    1. L_______ inches X  ( R __________STS/ 5”) = ____________Rows
Tunisian Knit Booties by Light and Joy Designs example
Click Image to Enlarge to See Example Diagram

See VIDEO TUTORIAL FOR DEMONSTRATION of the Math. It’s very easy.


Chain Your number of starting Sts from #3 calculation.

R1 – Forward Pass  Pull up a loop in the back bump of the 2nd chain from the hook, and each chain to the end. (don’t turn work)

R1 – Return Pass  YO, pull thru 1 loop, *(YO, pull thru 2 loops)* Repeat * to * until 1 loop left on hook.

R2 – Forward Pass   Starting in 2nd vertical bar, TKS to the end.

Repeat * to * to the end. (don’t turn work)

R2 – Return Pass   YO, pull thru 1 loop, *(YO, pull thru 2 loops)* Repeat * to * until 1 loop left on hook.

Work R2 for the number of rows you calculated in #4 step above or until the rectangle is as long as your foot from toe to heel. You should be able to step on it and your foot should not overhang the rectangle. A few centimeters beyond each end of your foot is good.

Bind Off – use Slip Stitch bind off: Work each stitch as if to TKS, but slip stitch it through the loop on your hook after each stitch. Do NOT cut the yarn.


(see diagrams and separate “Photo Tutorial” document in the paid pattern )

  1. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise with right side facing out.
  2. INSTEP Closure: Slip stitch the edge stitches of the rectangle the measurement of I (Instep) from Point A to Point B. (Measurement 2.a in The Math section) You can check this by putting it on your foot for perfect fit as you go. Do NOT cut yarn.
    1. Begin Ankle Cuff. Worked vertically in short rows onto the 2 remaining edges of the rectangle in a circle. (See video if need a demonstration)
    1. Switch to 9.00 mm hook.
    1. Chain 4.
    1. Pull up loop in back bump of 2nd chain and next two chains. (4 loops on hook)
    1. Insert hook into next edge stitch on rectangle. (5 loops on hook)
    1. Work CRP “Connecting Return Pass”: *(YO, pull thru 2 loops)* Repeat til 1 loop on hook.
    1. Work TRS row connecting to next edge stitch. Work CRP.
    1. Work TKS row connecting to next edge stitch. Work CRP.
    1. Work (f) and (g) on one side and then continue working on the other side so you end up with a tube.
    1. Connect start and end rows using slip stitch working in TKS. So start the TKS and also insert hook in corresponding chain from starting row, YO, pull thru a loop, then slip stitch it thru the loop on your hook. Repeat until the end.
    1. Before cutting the yarn, check fit. If too snug, remove the slip stitches, and add in 1or more extra short rows. Then re-do the slip stitch closure.
    1. Chain 1 and cut yarn. Sew in Ends
  3. Close up the TOE
    1. Turn bootie inside out.
    1. With INSEAM running along the center top of the bootie, attach yarn at Point C and slip stich across to Point D. (See Diagram at end of pattern)
    1. Slip stich through the chains created along the bindoff TKS edge. (See video if need a demonstration)
    1. Cut yarn. Sew in Ends
  4. Close up the HEEL
    1. Seam this vertically from lower heel to the ankle.
    1. Attach yarn at either end of the heel opening and slip stich one side to the other side.
    1. Cut yarn. Sew in Ends

This pattern is fully demonstrated in the VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE.

Finishing: Sew in any loose ends.   Enjoy your Tunisian Knit Booties!

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