Top 10 Crochet Items to Sell at Craft Fairs + Craft Fair Success Tips

Craft Fair season is just around the corner! Time to prepare! 

Whether you are new or a veteran at craft fairs, in this post I will give you

  1. Tips to have the most success
  2. 10 Items (plus patterns) that are great for getting the best return on your time!

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10 Craft Fair Tips

  1. Sell items that are fast to make. Smaller items are faster to make, decreasing your time costs. You can have a bigger markup on smaller items and lastly, smaller items sell better. People are more likely to buy themselves or a friend “a little something.”
  2. It’s better to make more items of the same pattern than to have only 1 of many patterns. So let’s say you offer 5-10 different patterns, but you have at least 10-20 of each of those patterns. People like to browse to find the colors they like best. Make each pattern in a wide variety of colors. So you might have 2 hat patterns, 1 cowl pattern, 1 headband pattern, 1 mug cozy pattern, 1 trivet pattern, 1 stuffie pattern with 20 different color options of each pattern. This will work better than 100 items that are all different patterns.
  3. Make sure you price to make a profit. Know your costs- craft fair fees, time making your items and supplies. Know your competition. Check out pricing on Etsy. Figure out the percent markup you want to make and add that to your total cost per item. Don’t sell for less than your costs. You can always sell what you have left over on Etsy. Don’t work at a loss!
  4. Selling: Have your prices labeled well, and when talking to customers offer them discounts for multiple items. Everyone loves getting a deal!
  5. Business Cards! – Make sure everyone gets your business card with your website and where they can find you in the future.
  6. EMAIL list signup: offer something for signing up, like a coupon for online sales, a free pattern, or maybe some crochet tips.
  7. Stuff to Bring: snacks, lunch, drinks, sun hat, sunscreen, layers of clothes for if the weather changes, music, portable charger for your phone/tablet so you don’t run out of juice to process payments! Make a checklist ahead of time and pack your car the day before with everything. Also, bring a friend or helper at least for the set-up and take down of your tent. This will make it easier and more fun.
  8. Have your payment setup ready to go and tested before the fair day. Some options are Paypal, Squareup, etc.
  9. Have a method to keep track of your sales, either paper or electronic.
  10. At the end of the fair, write down your evaluation of that day’s craft fair. What went well, what would you do differently next time, etc so that you can improve your results with each fair.

Top Ten Crochet Items to Sell at a Craft Fair

1. Hats! 

Hats are very easy to make and everyone loves to wear hats!

Here is a very easy hat and cowl set that you can make very quickly because it is made with bulky yarn. Make it lots of color combos or even in just 1 color.

Snowdrifts Hat and Cowl Set

2. Cowls

Cowls are like a scarf but better. They are faster to make and easier to wear. Put it on and no worries about it falling off.
I have many cowl patterns you can choose from. Here are a few to choose from:

Autumn Lace Cowl Set

The Woven Tubie

The Stained Glass Cowl

The Scarfie Cowl and Hat Set

3. Bandana Cowls

These kinds of cowls can look like a shawl but are faster to make and easier to wear than a regular shawl.

Here are a couple to consider:

Reversible Lattice Cowl

How to Make a Bandana Cowl from a Mini Triangle or Crescent Shawl

Watch this video for lots of great ideas for creating bandana cowls!

How to Make Bandana Cowls

4. Hair Scrunchies

These are Super Fast to make! And you can make these in so many pretty colors!

These are easy and fast sellers at craft fairs!

Here are 3 to choose from:

Hyperbolic Scrunchie

Pom Pom Scrunchie

Boho Scrunchie

Boho Scrunchie Detailed Video Tutorial: https://youtu.be/ykcLy6InAYk

Condensed Short Video Tutorial: 

5. Mug Cozies

There are a ton of mug cozy patterns out there. Here are 2 to choose from:

Let’s Get Cozy Mug Cozy

This is a very simple one where you can also learn how to Tunisian Crochet!

Flower Mesh Cozy and Cuff

This pattern is so nice for summer!! Or for parties any time of year.

It also doubles as crochet jewelry as a bracelet cuff.

6. Makeup Removers

These are a sweet little item that can be used as coasters for cups/mugs or as a special cloth for removing makeup.

Make sets in different colors. 

These are an easy seller!

Beginner Tunisian Crochet Coaster or Makeup Scrubbie

Here is a very simple one where you can learn Tunisian crochet in 5 minutes with a regular crochet hook!

7. Trivets

These are a beautiful item that people can use for either as a pot holder or as a wall decoration.

Seafoam Trivet and Coaster Set

Lucky Sevens Trivet

Click below to go to the video tutorial!

Lovely Mandala Trivet

8. Lantern Covers 

These are super easy to make and the colorful light from the crochet cover is delightful!

If you sell them with the lantern you could have a great seller! You can get a 4 pack of these mini lanterns for around $24. And with the cover you could sell each one for $20 or more.

Hurricane Lantern Cover

Here is the link to these LED lanterns. 

9. Accessories

This is a category of many small project ideas such as Belts, Bags, and items for the home.

Here is a water bottle holder that is VERY Fast to make.

It is also customizable so you could make the bottom just a bit larger (which I show you in the tutorial) and then you would have an easy plant holder pattern as well.

Earth Love Water Bottle Holder

Less than 30 minutes to make!

Easy Mandala Dreamcatcher Wall Hanging

This beautiful wall hanging only takes 30 minutes to make!

10. Jewelry

From Necklaces to Earrings to Bracelets and more this is a great category where you can make small but beautiful designs that people will love to buy for themselves or others.

Yoga Bracelet and Anklet

This is a simple bracelet pattern that can also be made as an anklet as well. Very fast and easy to make. And very fun to wear!

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