Airpod Crochet Ditty Pouch – Free Crochet Pattern

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Table of Contents

Introducing the “Airpods Crochet Ditty Pouch”

Learn the X-Stitch Single Crochet

This is a cool little pouch that is perfect for putting your Airpods, headset, or any tiny treasures you don’t want to lose in the bottom of your bag. You can wear it around your neck or just throw it in your backpack to find your AirPods easily. It’s a great fast gift or item to sell at craft fairs

Other items to store:: chapstick, lipstitck, money, ID, rosary beads, jewelry, stitch markers, batteries, marbles, favorite stones. What will you put in yours?
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# 4 weight cotton yarn, approximately 20-25 yards See yarns & colorways used below..

See colors I used listed below.

YARN Options



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Dimension & Gauge:


5 sts and 5 rows in 1 square inch (2.5cm)


2” wide and 2.5” tall

5 cm wide x 6.3 cm tall

Difficulty Level:


Stitches Used and Abbreviations:

Ch = chainXSC = X stitch single crochet
SL ST = slip stitchDC = double crochet
YO = yarn overHDC = half double crochet
YU = yarn underSt(s) = Stitch(es)


X Stitch Single Crochet. Worked the same as regular SC but you Yarn Under instead of Yarn Over.

To makde XSC – insert hook into next st, yarn under and pull through a loop, yarn under and pull through 2 loops on your hook.

Pattern Instructions


  1. This pattern is worked in a spiral, meaning it’s worked in a continuous round. There is No slip stitch joining after each round
  2. At the beginning of each round place a stitch marker in the first stitch of that round immediately after you make it to keep track of where the round begins.
  3. Each round will end at the last stitch before the stitch marked with the stitch marker.


Make a magic circle or ch3 and connect with slip st to form a loop.

R1 4 XSC into the magic loop. Place stitch marker in 1st XSC of this round. [4 XSC]

R2 Starting with 1st XSC work 2 XSC into the next 4 stitches. Place marker in 1 XSC of this round. [8 XSC]

R3 Starting at st marker work 2 XSC into stitch, 1 XSC in next stitch to the end. Place marker in 1st XSC of this round. [12 XSC]

R4  Starting at st marker work 2 XSC into stitch, 1 XSC in next 2 stitches* repeat to the end. Place marker in 1st XSC of this round. [16 XSC]

R5 Starting at st marker work * 2 XSC into stitch, 1 XSC in next 3 stitches* repeat to the end. Place marker in 1st XSC of this round. [20 XSC]

R6 Starting at st marker work 1 XSC in all stitches to the end. Place marker in 1st XSC of this round. [20 XSC]

R7- R8 Repeat R6 [20 XSC]

R9 Starting at st marker work 1 HDC in first stitch and DC  in all stitches to the end. Place marker in 1st HDC st of this round. [1 HDC, 19 DC]

R10 Starting at st marker work 1DC  in all stitches to the end. Place marker in 1st DC st of this round. [20 DC]

R11 Starting at st marker work 1DC  in next 17 sts, work HDC in next st, XSC in next st, and SL ST in last stich. Place marker in 1st DC st of this round. [17 DC, 1 HDC, 1 XSC, 1 SS]



  1. Make a chain 50 inches long or whatever length you desire. Cut yarn and leave a 3-4  inch tail.
  2. Thread yarn needle with this tail. 
  3. Weave in and out of spaces between DC to the halfway point and pull chain all the way through.
  4. Begin weaving in the other side DC’s to the beginning point.
  5. Fasten off with a few knots and then weave in your ends.
  6. Your pouch should now be able to be cinched closed.

For more detailed guidance on changing colors and different ways to “weave in” the ends as you go, check out the video tutorial below. Scroll down.

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