Circle of Love Shawl – Circular Crochet Shawl – Free Pattern – Half Circle Shawl, Crescent Shawl, Full Circle Shawl in 1 pattern

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Table of Contents

Introducing the “Circle of Love Shawl” Crochet Pattern

Learn to Make a Circular Shawl 3 different ways.

This pattern is Awesome! Let me tell you why.

First, it is an easy 1-row repeat after the setup row. Total mindless chill crocheting!

Second, you can make this as a Full Circle, a 3/4 Circle or a Half Circle shawl. 

Third, since it is worked from the top-down (or inside to outside) you can make it as a mini shawlette or into a full giant wrap.

Lastly, you can make this with ANY yarn and ANY hook size you desire. So easy to make and beautiful to wear!

Scroll down for Video Tutorial.

Can’t wait to see your pictures!

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Download the PDF Pattern Here

The free instructions are below. 

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YARN & HOOK: You can use ANY Yarn and ANY hook size.

Yarn I Used in the shawls pictured in this post: 


Baby Bee “My Sweet Love” yarn in colors Coral Multi  05, Purple Multi 06, and Purple Pink 03 -300 yds total

(3 skeins total) This is a bulky weight yarn. Used 9.0mm hook.


Yarn Bee “Soft & Sleek” yarn in color Violet Stripe 942 – approx 372 yards (2 skeins) Worsted weight. Used 8.0mm hook


Cotton Kings “Sultan” in colorway 42 – approx 1300 yards (1.5 skeins) Sport Weight using 6.5mm hook

Approximately 250 yards of worsted weight (#4) yarn combined in a multiples colors and also a solid contrasting color. I used:

YARNS Options



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Dimension & Gauge:

Gauge will vary. Gauge is not important.

DIMENSIONS: Create your shawl as big as you like.

MyDiameter measurements (from top edge to bottom edge):

HALF CIRCLE15 INCHES DIAMETER3/4 CIRCLE19 inch diameterFULL CIRCLE30 inch diameter

Difficulty Level: EASY

Stitches Used and Abbreviations:

Ch = chainDC = double crochet
SL ST = slip stitchDC -SE = double crochet Section End
YO = yarn overDC – BS = double crochet Between Stitiches
SK = skip a stitchSt(s) = Stitch(es)

SPECIAL STITCHES Instructions for special stitches

DC -SE = double crochet Section End

Make a normal double crochet into the indicated stitch on either end of the section

DC – BS = double crochet Between Stitiches

Make a double crochet in the space between two stitches.

Pattern Instructions


  1. Full Pattern Charts are available in the premium pdf pattern available at: ETSY or RAVELRY
  2. This pattern can be used to make a half circle, 3/4 circle or full circle shawl.
  3. This is determined by the number of sections you have
    1. Full Circle Shawl work 12 sections
    2. 3/4 Circle Shawle work 8 sections
    3. Half Circle Shawl work 6 sections
  4. The section end stitches (DC – SE) are always worked normally into the previous DC of the prior row.
  5. The middle stitches (DC -BS) are always worked into the space between stitches. This is how Each section grows by 1 stitch per row.
  6. Overall the shawl will increase by this much in each row:
    1. Full Circle Shawl – 12 sts per row
    2. 3/4 Circle Shawle –  8 sts per row
    3. Half Circle Shawl – 6 sts per row


Chain 3 or 4 and join with a slip stitch to form a circle. Only use Ch4 if you need a bigger circle to work into.

You can also use a magic circle if you prefer.

R1 Ch3 (always counts as first DC), 

Half Circle Shawl – work 5 more DC into the Ch3 circle  [6 DCs]

3/4 Circle Shawl – work 7 more DC into the Ch3 circle.  [8 DCs]

Full Circle Shawl – work 11 more DC into the Ch3 circle.  [12 DC]

Turn work.

R2 Ch3, DC into same stitch, 2 DC into each DC.          [12, 16, 24 DCs] [half circle, 3/4 circle, full circle]

Turn work.

R3 Ch3, DC-BS, DC in next DC, *Ch1, DC in next DC, DC-BS, DC in next DC* 

Repeat * to * to the end. Turn work.                                 [18, 24, 36, DCs] [half circle, 3/4 circle, full circle]

Turn work.

NOTE: The DC at the beginning and end of each section will be referred to at DC-SE which stands for DC-Section End. Each section is set apart from the next section by a chain 1.

The DC between the section end DCs are referred to as 

DC-BS which stands for Double Crochet-Between Stitch.

R4 Ch3, DC-BS in between each st until the end of the section, DC into the DC-SE st, 

*Ch1, DC into the DC-SE st at the st art of the next section, DC-BS in between each st until the end of the section, DC into the DC-SE st*

Repeat * to * to the end.                                             [24, 32, 48, DCs] [half circle, 3/4 circle, full circle]

Turn work.

Repeat R4 – until you have the desired size shawl

Stitch count for each section will grow by 1 stitch per section.

Total stitch count Per Row will increase by this many stitches:

HALF CIRCLE :   6 STS increase per row

3/4 CIRCLE :       8 STS  increase per row

3/4 CIRCLE :       12 STS  increase per row

For more detailed guidance CLICK HERE to see the VIDEO TUTORIAL. 


Sew in ends.

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Video Tutorial

Watch how to make this CIRCULAR SHAWL on YouTube.

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