The Perfect Crochet Couch! Linsy Home Rubik 3 Modular Sofa

This past week I have done a TON of research for a new couch for my home. And now you can benefit from my extensive research!

As a crocheter, this is what I wanted in a sofa. I’ll explain each below and include several photos & videos at the end.

  • Comfort & Support
  • Modularity – Fits Any Home, Can Add Seats Later, and can be Rearranged.
  • Affordable and Good Value
  • Storage! (Yes! this is the most exciting for us crocheters!)

And I think I have found the Perfect Solution! It’s the Linsy Home Rubik 3 Modular Sofa Couch**. I am ordering my couch right now!

Unitl Monday June 10th they are having a Big Father’s Day Sale on the Rubik 3 Modular Sofa as well as many other items**. In addition to their website, you can also find deals for this couch on Amazon.

With a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and a 3 Year Warranty, you can’t go wrong. Since the sale ends tomorrow I wanted to post about this before I get my couch so that you can get the sale prices too.

Why I’m Choosing Rubik 3 Modular Sectional Sofa from Linsy Home


With the Linsy Home Rubik 3 Modular Sofa you can choose just the right size you need from a single armchair, to a 2 seat Loveseat, to 4, 6, 8, or more seaters with ottomans in any arrangement you like. And you can add on easily with more pieces in the future.

The Linsy Home Rubik 3 Modular sofa is made up of multiple pieces that easily connect together for infinite arrangement possibilities. This is a creative person’s dream. But Modularity also has very functional factors.

  • Easy to get it into any home (even with tight spaces or doors!) because the couch arrives in multiple small boxes the size of each seat base.
  • Moving to a new room or house? Easy! Just separate the parts for easy moving.
  • It’s Fast and Fun to create new arrangements for entertaining, for movie nights, and for everyday use.
  • It’s simple and affordable to add pieces to your sofa in the future if you need more seating space.
  • Create a Sofa Bed or “Couch Pit” for movie nights!

See this video below for a sampling of these setups:


Each base has a sizeable storage area under the seat cushion! If you are a crocheter or knitter, this means easy tidying of your yarn stash and all your crochet and knit projects. Easily put them away to keep your living room looking clutter-free. Of course, you can also store blankets, pillows, boardgames, and anything else in need of a storage home.

Comfort AND Support

For those of us who spend HOURS sitting while crocheting, you know that back and other stiffness issues can arise. The Rubik 3 sofa provides both robust support AND comfort. I have read a million of their reviews on their site, youtube, tiktok, facebook and more! People seem to universally say that the Rubik 3 Modular Sofa has the right combination of firm support while also being very comfortable.

After helping both of my parents recently with back issues and working with a physical therapist to help them heal I learned that a firm supportive seat is best for your back. And this couch has the support your body needs plus the comfort that is also so important for long hours sitting and crocheting!


Last, but certainly not least is the importance of Value. Buying a couch is not something you do every day. It is an investment. The Rubik 3 Modular Sofa from Linsy Home is well priced against it's competitors such as LoveSac which will cost you double or triple what the Rubik 3 couch costs.

Among the cheaper competitors such as Belffin, Honbay, cloud couch sectionals and others, the Linsy Home Rubik3 Modular Sofa stands out amongst this crowd. Here's why:

  • Larger seat cushions ( 27" x 27") than the rest.
  • Better reviews for
    • Comfort of Cushions
    • Fabric Quality
    • Durability over time
    • Ease of Assembly
    • Storage - not all other modular sofas have storage nor as much storage
  • Removeable, washable and changeable seat covers - the Entire fabric coverings can be easily removed.
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • 3 year warranty
  • Better accessories - such as Center Console, additional Fabric Covers, add-on Headrests, and more.


Your couch is a central part of your home and family life.

  • It's where you relax.
  • It's where you create with yarn.
  • It's where you connect with friends and family.

With something so important, you need to choose the best option that meets your needs, while still being affordable.

Because of the Comfort and Support, the Storage, the Modularity, and the Value, the Rubik 3 Modular Sectional Sofa is the one for me. Maybe it's the one for you too.

If you are in the market to replace or buy a new sofa or couch, check it out today. And let me know what you think!.

Unitl Monday June 10th they are having a Big Father's Day Sale**. Don't miss out on this great sale if you're looking for a new couch.

With a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and a 3 Year Warranty, you can't go wrong. Since the sale ends tomorrow I wanted to post about this before I get my couch so you can get the sale prices too.

Thanks for reading my review. Let me know if you have any comments or questions!

See more photos below.

Photos & Videos

Learn More click HERE

**These are affiliate links and if you purchase with my link I will receive a small commission that supports my free patterns at no extra cost to you.

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