Crochet Magical Mystery Tour

Welcome to Year 1 of the Crochet Magical Mystery Tour presented by me, Kris, of Light and Joy Designs! You can join ANYTIME. Learn a new stitch every week inside of a free crochet project.

It’s Easy to Join to Get Each New Project

2 Quick Steps to Join (takes about 20 seconds max!)

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  2. Fill in the form below to get email alerts of each new project.

What You Get

In this Yearlong adventure I will present you weekly with a FREE & QUICK crochet project that highlights a new stitch, method or technique.

Quick Projects

The projects will often be only 20-60 minutes long. Some will be a couple hours. And the maximum time a project will require will be a week – say 5 nights of crocheting while watching TV – which would be a maximum of 10 hours.

There may be one or two projects that will span 2 weeks such as a sweater.

Every week will be a new type of project. There will be 52 projects in total.

Click Here to See all the Projects so far.

Crochet Magical Mystery Tour Projects

Free Tutorials and Patterns

Each project will have a

What’s In It For You?


Once a month, one of the projects will have a Giveaway to a randomly selected crochet Adventurer who posts pictures of their completed projects on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag: #LJDCMMT (stands for Light Joy Designs Crochet Magical Mystery Tour)


I will have a page here on my blog where I will highlight one of our crochet Adventurers who posts pictures on Instagram of every project that month.

Special recognition and reward will go to those who complete all 52 projects! They will receive a coupon for 5 of my paid patterns plus a free entry to one of my paid online courses.

To qualify:

The first month: SEPT 2019 – I will highlight anyone who completes and posts even just one project.

Join Now to Get Each New Project

You can join AT ANY TIME!

Even if you are joining late, if you complete all the projects for any month, you can be highlighted here. Simply send me an email with where to find your pictures online or post on Instagram with hashtag: #LJDCMMT and I’ll add you!

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Thank you!


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What do you like? Not like? Wish to change for next year?



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