crochet magical mystery tour
crochet magical mystery tour

Here you will find a complete list of each project in the Crochet Magical Mystery Tour. More info and signup HERE.

Year 1

1.1 (stands for year 1, project 1)

1.1 “Yoga Bracelet & Anklet”

crochet yoga bracelet
crochet yoga bracelet
crochet yoga anklet
crochet yoga anklet

1.2 “Seafoam Hot Pad / Trivet & Coaster Set

crochet Hotpad Coaster
Seafoam Hot Pad & Coaster Set

1.3 “Hurricane Lantern Cover

crochet lantern cover pattern

1.4 “The Crochet Boho Belt

The Crochet Bohemian Boho Belt Free Pattern

1.5 EarthLove Water Bottle Holder

crochet bottle holder pattern
crochet bottle holder pattern

1.6 Magic Mind Scarf Shawl

Magic Mini Mesh crochet Scarf Shawl
Magic Mini Scarf / Shawl

1.7 Autumn Lace Cowl, Mitts & Cuff Set

1.8 “The Radius Shawl

The Radius Shawl
The Radius Shawl

1.9 “Hyperbolic Crochet Hair Scrunchie

Crochet Hair Scrunchie

1.10 “Flamenco Dreams Ruffle Scarf

Crochet Ruffle Scarf - Flamenco Dreams

1.11 “Anastasia Shapka Hat”

Crochet Russian Fur Shapka Hat

1.12 “Stained Glass Cowl”

stained glass crochet cowl

1.13 “Holiday Crochet Ornament”

Christmas Crochet Ornament

1.14 Snowdrifts Hat and Cowl Set

crochet hat and cowl set

1.15 “Tunisian Brioche Set: Cowl, Mitts & Lantern Cozy

Tunisian Brioche Patterns

1.16 “Fancy Fingerless Mitts

Tunisian Crochet Brioche Fingerless Gloves

1.17 “Reversible Pom Pom Hat

Reversible Pom Pom Hat Tunisian Crochet

1.18 Pom Pom Scrunchie

pompom crochet scrunchie

1.19 “Oasis Scarf Wrap in Tunisian Crochet

oasis scarf wrap ruched crochet tunisian crochet

1.20 “Oasis Scarf Wrap” CROCHET Version

Crochet Oasis Scarf Ruching

1.21 “Crochet Rose Shawl Pin”

Easy Crochet Rose pattern

1.22 “Wavy Tunisian Knit Cowl”

Wavy Tunisian Knit Cowl Pattern

1.23 “Sideways Wavy Knit Hat & Cowl

Sideways Wavy Knit Hat & Cowl Set Pattern Tutorial

1.24 “Lovely Mandala Trivet”

Lovely Mandala Trivet - Free Crochet Pattern

1.25 “Scarfie Hat & Cowl Set”

Scarfie Hat & Cowl Crochet Pattern

1.26 “Easy Mandala Dreamcatcher”

Easy Mandala Dreamcatcher Crochet Pattern from Light and Joy Designs

1.27 “The Woven Tubie”

The Woven Tubie Convertible Hat Cowl Crochet Pattern

1.28 Color Pop Cowl – Written Pattern on Ravelry. Click below for Video Tutorial

1.29 10 Corner to Corner Crochet Square & Rectangle Projects. Written Pattern coming soon. Click to view Video Tutorial

1.30 Twelve Corner to Corner Crochet Projects. Written Pattern coming soon. Click to view Video Tutorial.

1.31 ALL NEW CROCHET STITCH! Herringbone Crochet Cowl. Written Pattern Coming soon. Click below for Video Tutorial.

1.32 Sweet November Crochet Mesh Shawl – in Tunisian Crochet Version 2. Click below for Video Tutorial:

1.33 Crochet Flower Mesh Cuff and Cozy.

1.34 Nalbinding Crochet Scarf & Cowl

Nalbinding Crochet

1.35 Inspira Crochet Cowl

Inspira Crochet Reversible Cowl

1.36 Tunisian Crochet Waves

1.37 Tunisian Tiles Square

Tunisian Tiles Crochet Square

1.38 Tunisian Fancy Lace Square #3

Tunisian Crochet Lace Fancy Square Pattern and Tutorial
Tunisian Crochet Lace Fancy Square Pattern and Tutorial

1.39 Tunisian Knit Booties

Tunisian-Crochet -Knit-Booties-

1.40 3 Color Tunisian Crochet Shower Scrubbie

1.41 Reversible Lattice Cowl

1.42 Boho Carribean ScrunchieYouTube video

1.43 Simple Tunisian Fade Shawl

1.44 Simple Mesh Poncho

1.45 Four Square Trivet, Coaster & Placemat set – crochet pattern

1.46 Airpod Crochet Ditty Pouch Case crochet pattern