Thank you for your interest in testing the latest pattern for Light and Joy Designs!

Before applying, please review the guidelines and requirements I expect from our testers.  I do not want anyone to feel overwhelmed or confused by my expectations during the testing process, so this will hopefully help alleviate any issues at the start.

What Is Pattern Testing? 

Pattern testing is when a maker (a crocheter or knitter) agrees to follow and try out an unreleased pattern or patterns from an ebook that is still in the beta stages of development.  The tester typically agrees to communicate: 

  • Issues and discrepancies found in the pattern or ebook 
  • Completed measurements, material usage
  • Final thoughts on the pattern.

Why Should You Test?

By testing for indie crochet designers, such as Light and Joy Designs, you have first access to patterns that you may otherwise miss.  You also gain the opportunity to meet and communicate with other like-minded makers through group chats and emails.  We also try to share at least one picture from each of our testers throughout the testing process on our Instagram account (testers with public Instagram accounts are preferred).

What Is The Compensation For Testing? 

While I wish I could afford to pay my testers in monetary means, the budget simply is not there.  Instead, I offer a free final PDF copy of the pattern or ebook you have tested, which will oftentimes include: additional sizes, graphs, and comprehensive details for sizing to specific needs. I will also credit your Instagram handle on the final PDF as one of the testers for the project. (Or you may decline this if you prefer no mention.)

What Are The Requirements of Testing For Light and Joy Designs? 

Below you will find a quick questionnaire that will give me some insight into your crocheting abilities, interests, and skill level.  The first step is to apply using this application. Please do not shy away from applying because you have little testing experience or are a new crocheter.  I will look through every application and try to give equal opportunities to beginner and advanced crocheters alike.

If you have been accepted as a tester I will reach out to you by email to confirm materials needed and the expected deadline for the project. You will have 24 hours to respond to the email before I reach out to other applicants, so please make sure the email: (just click the pink email button to email me)

is in your address book to avoid it going to “Junk Mail”.

After You Fill Out the Application

I will notify you by email if you are chosen for this test. Even if you are not selected this time, I encourage you to apply to test in the future.  Some projects may only require 2-3 testers, while others may require more.  So while I would like to have every applicant be able to test, it simply isn’t feasible for every project.

What Happens If You Are Selected?

Once all testers have been selected, I may (depending on the size of the tester group) create an Instagram group chat, in which you will be expected to participate. I will also email you the draft PDF, as well as a questionnaire you will be able to complete as you work the pattern and turn in at the end of the testing process.

Since all of my patterns that are up for testing are still in the beta stages, I ask that applicants be understanding of any: typos, missed or unclear instructions, and incorrect sizing or gauge measurements.  I also ask my testers to note such flaws and communicate larger issues with me in a timely fashion to avoid other testers having the same issues.  All minor flaws (such as typos, missing abbreviations, or incorrect final stitch counts) can be reported in a final testing questionnaire.

Once all notes have been taken and the questionnaire complete, we will ask that you provide at least 1 well-lit photo of the item made, preferably being modeled if possible.  I also ask that all testers help in promoting the completed item on their social media accounts, and share in their stories on the release date.


Should you ever have a question or concern, or wish to withdraw your application at any time, please do not hesitate to reach out to me by email at: (just click the pink email button to email me)

Thank you again and I am excited to work with you!